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SSI Chosen as Top Research Team by the Federal Aviation Administration

4 February 2005

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STILLWATER, Okla. ­ Strategic Solutions International, LLC (SSI) was recently selected as the top research team to develop a technological guidebook for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Innovative Pavement Research Foundation (IPRF). SSI was named the top choice over other experienced teams, and is currently working under contract with the IPRF. The overall objective of this assignment is to provide a comprehensive guidebook for the FAA that will govern the use of concrete maturity methods on future airfield pavement construction and repair projects. After completion, the document will undergo an internal use and review period prior to adoption as an FAA Advisory Circular.

Work began on this project in the fall of 2004 with final completion scheduled for September 2005. The guidebook will inform engineers, contractors, and airport owners about concrete maturity methods and their application to airfield pavements. Specific factors related to concrete quality control will be addressed by the document such as when, where, and how often to collect data to accurately assess concrete strength in the field. In addition, the guidebook will provide case studies and highlight the use of concrete maturity methods to accelerate airfield pavement construction by allowing staged open-to-traffic decisions.

In essence, the guidebook will provide engineers, contractors, and airport administrators key information about the tools, equipment, and protocols that will ensure effective implementation of concrete maturity methods. SSI will also evaluate and demonstrate the efficacy of maturity testing for rapid-strength concrete mixtures ­ an essential tool for enabling non-disruptive, overnight runway repairs at our nation’s busiest airports.

“In the pursuit of this contract, we competed against some of the most recognized names in the concrete industry. However, according to IPRF, our approach to the problem was unique in that we alone demonstrated a thorough understanding of not only the benefits of the maturity method, but also its limitations and potential sources of error. In selecting SSI to develop this guidebook, IPRF and FAA wanted to ensure that future implementations of concrete maturity on our nation’s airfields would be accomplished soundly and safely, with complete appreciation not only as to its benefits, which are huge, but also with full understanding of its limitations,” said Dr. Steve Trost, Director of Research & Development for SSI.

Trinity Construction Management Services of Edmond, Okla. and Post, Buckley, Schuh & Jernigan (PBS&J) of Dallas, Texas are also serving as members of SSI’s project team.


About Strategic Solutions International

Strategic Solutions International, LLC (SSI) is a research and development company headquartered in Stillwater, Oklahoma. SSI’s strategic mission is to apply sound research principles and visionary innovation to develop novel, robust, rugged solutions to significant, unsolved problems. The company developed its first commercial product, the intelliRockTM concrete quality control sensor, under a collaborative research agreement with Nomadics, Inc. (  SSI is actively pursuing research in the areas of construction quality control, construction materials, low-cost thermal insulation, and animal health monitoring. Furthermore, SSI provides expertise in the areas of process management, process improvement, Six Sigma quality, innovative problem solving, and experimental design. SSI can be found on the World Wide Web at or through email at


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